Upon entering, you must present a water bill from the past 4 months or your Spanish identity card to verify the booking postcode. Large families must present accreditation of this status; otherwise the tickets must be paid. Visitors must prove that they are over 13 years old. Arrive 10 minutes before the time indicated on your ticket. If you are late you will lose your time slot. Exercise caution and do not enter if you have heart and blood pressure problems, back and neck problems, balance and vertigo problems or claustrophobia; or if you are pregnant or sensitive to light and strobe effects. We suggest you use comfortable clothing with long sleeves that is not shiny or reflective. Wear flat shoes. Do not carry large backpacks or handbags. You must leave your belongings in the lockers. All objects may be subject to security checks and rights of admission.

If any of the visitors is a minor and is not accompanied by his or her legal guardian, he or she must bring an authorisation signed by the legal guardian consenting to the use of his or her image rights to have the photograph taken in the exhibit. Otherwise, the minor visitor may enter the exhibit, but the photograph at the beginning of the visit will not be taken. The authorisation must include the name and the DNI national identity number of the minor and of the legal guardian. It must be signed by the latter and contain the following sentence:

'I,........, of legal age and with the national identification number ........, as the father/mother or legal guardian of the minor authorise the photographing of my son/daughter during the visit to the exhibit.'
Signature (of the father, mother or legal guardian)

I have read and accept the conditions for access, and I confirm that all the people who will accompany me on the day of the visit fulfil the aforementioned conditions.