These specific terms and conditions for the purchase of tickets (hereinafter the Specific Terms of Purchase) regulate the acquisition by users (hereinafter Users) of tickets for accessing the exhibition The Zone of Hope (hereinafter Tickets) offered by Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona, S.A. (hereinafter SGAB) via its website.

'Tickets' shall be taken to mean the tickets that may be purchased on the website at any one time as indicated in the purchase process. The purchase of Tickets is subject to the exhibition being open to the public and to availability.

Users purchasing Tickets via this website undertake to comply with the exhibition rules and other specific regulations, accessible to Users on this website.

Users undertake to use this ticketing service consistently with the law, with what is provided in these Specific Terms of Purchase and with good morality, good manners and public order. Users undertake to refrain from using this website in any way that may be unlawful, contrary to the provisions of these Specific Terms of Purchase or detrimental to the interests of SGAB or of third parties, or in any other way liable to harm, disable, overload or damage the website by preventing its use by other Users.

Tickets may be purchased on this website only if these Specific Terms of Purchase have been expressly agreed to. Users should, at their liability, carefully read these Specific Terms of Purchase on each occasion that they intend to purchase Tickets on the website. If Users do not agree to the contents of these Specific Terms of Purchase or to the General Conditions, they should refrain from making transactions on the website.

SGAB does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the ticketing service governed by these terms and conditions, and shall not be liable for any damages of any kind that may arise from a lack of availability and continuity in the operation of that ticketing service. Moreover SGAB guarantees neither its website’s reliability nor Users’ access to the ticketing service.

SGAB reserves the right to amend the contents of these Specific Terms of Purchase at any time, and Users shall be responsible for properly reading them each time that they access and/or use the service.


Users declare that they are of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to undertake to comply with these Specific Terms of Purchase and to use and make transactions on this website.

This website was developed for end users, so the services accessible on it are not aimed at wholesalers, retailers or intermediaries of any kind. Accordingly Users acknowledge and agree that this website is solely and exclusively for personal use and declare that any products or services purchased on this site will be for their own use or consumption, and that they will be liable for any access, use or consumption of the products or services offered on this website by third parties browsing or using it or making transactions on their behalf. Thus Users accept, expressly and without limitation, that this website and its services are accessed and used under their sole and exclusive responsibility.

Users declare that all the information supplied by them in using this website and in particular in the purchase of Tickets is truthful, complete and accurate.


The Tickets available for purchase on this website pursuant to the procedure provided here shall be valid for gaining access to the exhibition according to the relevant Ticket type, and solely for the specified date and time.

SGAB shall not be liable for any damage arising from any infringement by Users of the Ticket purchase procedure described in this clause or of the other Specific Terms of Purchase.

The purchasing procedure is as follows:

III.I. Purchase procedure

Users should follow these steps in order to complete the event that Ticket purchase procedure:

A.- Enter your details

Users’ personal details as required for the purchase of Tickets are entered in mandatory fields marked with (*), along with other optional fields as SGAB considers appropriate.

Users may indicate whether they belong to a family with three or more dependent children, in which case they will get a 50% discount on the price of Tickets.

They should also check the box by the declaration that all those attending are over 13 years old. If this box is not checked the purchase process may not be continued.

Finally they should indicate the number of Tickets that they wish to purchase.

Once all the above details have been duly filled in, Users should click the Next button so as proceed with the purchase process.

B.- Choose the day on which you wish to come

Users should indicate the date on which they wish to visit the exhibition. Up to three months of dates may be viewed as of the day on which the purchase is being made.

C.- Select the time at which you wish to come

Users should indicate the time slot in which they wish to visit the exhibition.

All the Tickets purchased by any one User must be used in the same selected time slot.

D.- Purchase overview

The details of the User’s Ticket purchase entered so far will be displayed along with the total amount payable, including VAT, the date and the time slot chosen for the visit.

Users will see a notice indicating that they should arrive at the exhibition ten (10) minutes in advance of the time booked on the Ticket.

Users who are customers of any Agbar Group companies (taken to mean Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona, S.A. and any of its direct or indirect affiliates, whatever holding the former has in them) may receive a total of four (4) free Tickets, or up to six (6) if they are part of a family with three or more dependent children.

As proof when visiting the exhibition, they should provide a water utility bill from the last 4 months or a national identity document containing the postcode entered by the User in the purchase process, which should be that of a municipality whose water supply is provided by an Agar Group company.

Users should read and agree to the following particular terms:

- I have read and agree to the terms of access and confirm that all those accompanying me on the day of the visit comply with those terms.

- I have read and agree to the purchase policy and the privacy policy.

Users should read and, if interested, agree to the following uses of their personal data:

- I agree to my details being sent to Aigües de Barcelona so that I may receive information and advertising about events in the water sector (Aigües de Barcelona Privacy Policy).

- I agree to my personal details being used for statistical purposes.

Finally Users should confirm that the Ticket purchase details are correct, and if the Tickets are free of charge to Users, they will be generated directly along with a QR code.

F.- Payment details

Tickets shall be paid for via PayPal, with Users being referred to that payment platform.

Users should enter the requested payment details so that the amount of the Ticket purchase may subsequently be debited.

Once a payment has been made, the Tickets purchased will be generated along with a QR code.

Once the Tickets have been issued, Users may cancel them up to 24 hours in advance, using the cancellation code in the email sent to them. A refund will be given via PayPal within 30 days.

The purchase of Tickets on this website is subject to these Specific Terms of Purchase having been read and accepted, along with the General Conditions in so far as applicable. Otherwise the purchase of Tickets may not be completed.

If any clause of these Specific Terms of Purchase is held to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, such invalidity or unenforceability shall affect only the provision or part thereof that is invalid or unenforceable, and in all other respects these Specific Terms of Purchase shall continue to apply, with the affected provision or part thereof being deemed stricken, except where, owing to its being essential to these Specific Terms of Purchase, it necessarily affects these Terms overall.